Superlative in details. Outstanding in performance.


The DAYTONA over and under shotgun is our response to the requirement of sportsmen and competitive shooters who demand the best in a reliable, fast handling, high quality shotgun. Every Gamba shotgun blends the benefits of high precision, modern manutacturinq techniques with the skills of old world craftsmen. The design features and characteristics of the Daytona are the direct result of feed-back from top competitive shooters throughout the world.


  • The receiver is precision machined from a massive block of hot forged steel, to provide the durability necessary for a lifetime of competitive shooting.
  • The low profile receiver places the barrels in an optimum position for straight line recoil, reducing muzzle jump and enhancing recoil recovery for quick second shot placement.
  • The Daytona model shotgun has a "Boss" type locking system featuring twin oversize lockinq lugs. This strength feature combined with specially heat treated pivot pins results in an extremely durable action.
  • The wide selective ejectors ensure positive extraction and ejection.
  • The firing pins align along the same vertical axis for reliable and consistent ignition. They are desiqned to rebound away from the primer after impact, eliminating firing pin drag on the head of the sheel as is so common on other over and under shotguns.
  • The hammers are contoured to provide a precise 90 degree strike on the firing pin head. The reliable coil hammer springs are completely contained in a machined shroud consistent hammer strikes.
  • The barrels are made of special steel, chrome lined with either fixed or interchangeable chokes, precision honed for optimum patterns.
  • Hunters and competitive shooters alike will appreciate the 20 gauge interchangeable barrels which lock on to the 12 gauge frame.
  • To accomodate varying hand size, the Daytona is available with a special order trigger that can be moved back and forth within the trigger guard allowing the shooter a full 1" range of travel.
  • Stocks for the Daytona are cut from carefully selected Turkish or French Walnut hand contoured, checkered and finished. All Gamka stocks are easily interchangeable with small adjustments. A special tool designed to allow the shooter quick replacement of the fitted stock with one of special dimensions for specific tasks is supplied with the gun.


    The DAYTONA shotgun is available in several styles oriented specifically to American Trap, International Trap, American Skeet, International Skeet, and Sporting Clays. The DAYTONA SL, (the side plate model), and the DAYTONA SLHH, (the side lock model), are the top of the Daytona line. These firearms will not only meet the demands of hard core competitive shooters, but will also satisfy the most discriminating sportman's desire for mechanical excellence and elegance of form.

    The wood

    The Gamba Daytona model shotgun carries selected walnut for both the fore end and stock, while the Daytona SLHH is produced with a higher grade root walnut stock featuring even more pronounced figure. The stock itself incorporates a palm swell for superior grip and very fine checkering to enhance the competitor's hand contact with the firearm. The finish is a satin hand rubbed oil with other types available on request.

    The metal finish

    The receiver of the Daytona is available in a textured and chromed version or a Black Blued version, exhibiting the Gamba gold inlaid trademark.


    On request, customized engraving can be done, some examples of which are shown in this catalog. The enaraved Daytona gun, to the smallest detail, is guaranteed to meet the most discriminatinq shooter's scrutiny. Gamba uses only the finest craftsmen to execute the works shown on custom designs provided by the customer.


    The action

    The action of the Daytona is milled from a massive block of forged Ni-Cr-Mo steel. The receiver features the most streamlined frame ever manufactured, in that the barrels ride lower and deliver the best angle for straight line recoil.

    The Boss Locking System

    The Gamba solid steel locking bolt is located precisely where recoil forces transfer their energy, giving the Daytona the legendary longevity that shotgunners have long expected from the Gamba line.

    The barrels

    The Daytona's barrels are chrome lined then assembled into a monobloc; they feature an antiglare rib of extruded steel and are supplied with or without choke tubes on customer request.

    The trigger group

    The Daytona trigger group is detachable and is removable without the use of tools. The frame that contains the hammers, sears and springs is milled from a single block of special steel and jeweled for oil retention. On special order, an adjustable trigger may be purchased with one inch of movement that can accomodate shooters with exceptionally large or small hands. Internally, the hammer springs are constructed from coils that are contained in steel sleeves placed directly behind the hammers. With the fail safe capsule surrounding the springs, a competitor lives with the assurance that the shotgun will fire even if breakage occurs.

    Detail of the shotqun with detachable trigger group. Visible in the picture the trigger group with its guide-protected coil springs, which makes them indestructible and quick. "I s rings, Vyhich

    Detail of the trigger group with unloaded hammers. Our shotgun adds to its percussion system, which is among the fastest ones, the rebounding hammers system, by which after pulling the trigger, the hammer automatically returns to the unloaded position.

    Detail of the interchangeable screw-in choke tubes.


    Fig.1 - Stock with rubber pad and tapered heel for Skeet and Sporting Clays versions.
    Fig.2 - Traditional Trap stock with ventilated rubber recoil pad of 20 mm.
    Fig. 3 - Montecarlo stock with ventilated rubber recoil pad of 20 mm.
    Fig. 4 - Schnabel fore-end for Sporting Clays and Hunting versions.

    Fig. 5 - Beavertail fore-end.