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A Brief History

The company has only a few decades of gunsmithing tradition, having started its activity in 1952, and it is with great pride that I have seen my shotguns gain a prominent position in the world in such a short time. This has been made possible thanks also to the help and enthusiasm of my daughter and son.

The result of the total commitment, the research for new technical solutions, the utilization of new machinery and the continuous updating of materials and tooling is represented by the models we offer, which have been developed at answer all the needs of sporting shooters and hunters.

Daniele Perazzi - President

The world-wide reputation of Perazzi shotguns derives not only from the intrinsic quality of the weapon, but also from the technical service offered with it. A whole department is devoted to this service and it is available to the shooters for customization of the shotgun according to individual needs.

The factory also operates a test firing range where the guns can be patterned and a shooting range equipped with olympic trap, double trap and skeet layouts, as well as an electrocibles layout.

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Perazzi U.S.A. Inc.
1207 S. Shamrock Avenue
Monrovia, California

Phone : 818-303-0068
Fax : 818-303-2081
Telex : 510-62816297

Armi Perazzi S.R.I.
Via Fontanelle 1-3
25080 - Botticino Mattina (Brescia)

Phone : 030-2692591-2-3
Fax : 030-2692594
Telex : 301391 PERGUN I

Technical Service

In addition to the technical department available at the factory, Perazzi operates a fully equipped service-vehicle which is capable of almost any kind of service requirement on the shooting ranges. Services offered from this vehicle range from the customization of a stock in just a few hours, to complete mechanical overhauling of the gun.