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Acknowledging those shooters who prefer a removable trigger system, Krieghoff has developed the optional K-80/RT. The gun provides the same reliability and interchangeability of the classic K-80, but it features an easily removable trigger group.

Now the shooter who sometimes switches from double release to release-pull, for example, or the one who just likes to carry an extra trigger group can enjoy the full benefits of shooting a Krieghoff.

The RT's appearance is identical to the classic K-80's, but its distinguishing feature is a simple, beautifully designed trigger group that is removed from the gun by means of a small push-pin.

The RT's firing sequence - bottom barrel first or top barrel first - is determined by an internal barrel selector, and the entire mechanism is driven by powerful and virtually unbreakable coil springs.

While the RT is particularly appealing to trapshooters, it is available on special order in any K-80 configuration. Its barrels are generally interchangeable with existing K-80 barrels, although, as with the classic K-80, some minimal fitting may be required. There is a slight difference in the design of the RT's top tang, however, so that K-80/RT stocks are not interchangeable with classic K-80 stocks. A similar range of interchangeable stocks, however, is available for the RT.

The K-80/RT option is available in the configurations described in the other K80 sections.

Optional Release Trigger

At least ten percent, and many estimates go higher, of all competitive trap shooters in the United States use a trigger system referred to as a Release Trigger.

All K-80/RTs are available with factory release triggers, or they can be installed later by Krieghoff International. They are of course available in either single release or double release configurations.


Before loading or shooting any firearm, ALWAYS familiarize yourself with how it functions. With a competition gun, you must be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN whether it is equipped with pull or release triggers. Always OBSERVE basic firearm safety rules and READ and UNDERSTAND your instruction manual.

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