KS-5 SPECIAL, shown with optional wood upgrade.

General Information

The objective was to produce an affordable single barrel trap gun worthy of the name Krieghoff. The guns are the KS-5 and the KS-5 Special. Innovative design and ultra-modern manufacturing techniques have allowed Krieghoff to incorporate some of the most desirable K-80 features into a solid, dependable gun.

Controlled point-of-impact was a primary concern in designing the KS-5 and the KS-5 Special. Both guns feature a free-floating barrel which expands lengthwise when it gets hot. No matter how much you shoot, your point-of-impact is not affected by increasing heat.

The rib and barrel of the KS-5 are connected at the muzzle by an interchangeable front barrel hanger similar to those used on the bottom barrel of a K-80 over-and-under. KS-5s are regulated at the factory to shoot a slightly high 60%/40% pattern at 35 yards, but by changing to one of six different hangers, you can vary your patterns from 50%/50% to as high as7O%/30%.

The KS-5 Special, on the other hand, is equipped with a unique adjustable rib which allows you to change point-of-impact even more quickly and conveniently. The gun is calibrated at the factory to achieve a 65%/35% pattern, but by altering the height of the rib, you can vary the pattern from just below 50%/50% to nearly 90%/10%. The adjustable rib is free-floating and locked in place at both the muzzle and breech ends by two set screws. When the screws are loosened, the rib can be moved up or down by rotating a small knurled nut located below the front bead. As the rib is raised or lowered, it rotates on a short radius around a cam located just in front of the monoblock. When the desired rib height is reached, both set screws are tightened - the adjustable stock, standard on the KS-5 Special, is set for the preferred sight picture and the gun is ready to go.

The KS-5 and KS-5 Special both have ventilated tapered step ribs for quick target pick-up with reduced heat distortion.

Barrels are 32" or 34" with fixed full choke or choke tubes. The KS-5 is available with either a Monte Carlo or an optional adjustable comb stock. The KS-5 Special is fit with an adjustable comb stock as standard equipment. The trigger pulls on both the KS-5 and KS-5 Special are easily adjustable for both weight and sear engagement. Release triggers are also available.

The Action

The KS-5 and KS-5 Special have few moving parts in a rugged, case-hardened steel receiver. The action is simple but provides a durability and consistency that is remarkable in an economically priced trap gun. The KS-5 receiver is engraved with the KS-5 logo. The KS-5 Special is embellished with a tasteful scroll pattern and is further distinguished by a fluted profile at the breech and opening lever.

The Chokes

The KS-5s and KS-5 Special are available with either a fixed full choke or with optional choke tubes. Modified, improved modified, and full choke tubes are standard. Improved cylinder or super-full are available on request.


All KS-5s and KS-5 Specials come in a fitted aluminum case.


POI on the KS-5 is adjusted by changing barrel hangers. The KS-5 Special features both a fully adjustable rib and an adjustable comb stock for changing point-of-impact.

The Trigger

The KS-5 and KS-5 Special trigger is fully adjustable for weight of pull and for movement, or sear engagement. Factory specifications call for a trigger pull of between 3 and 3 3/4 pounds with minimal trigger movement. Using the special trigger wrench provided with the gun, you can adjust the trigger within a range preset at the factory to suit your own shooting style. Factory release triggers are available.

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