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"As a renewed shooter after 25 years, am glad to see a place I can come for up-to-date information. Will be checking back quite often."
- Sam Gray, Shelbyville Kentucky
"Great site looking forward to getting lots of good info from you. Keep up the good work."
- Jerry Tims, Friendship Tennessee

"Enjoyed your page, good luck!"
- Paul A. Try, Chalfont Pensylvania

"Enjoy the access to the information. I sure I will find it very helpful."
- Jack Weyer, Ellicott City Maryland

"Just the site I'v been lookin' for!!! Great!"
-Jeremy A. Smith, Wakefield Maine

"Love the sight. Keep up the good work!!"
- Craig Craddock, Arvada Colorado

"As a highly enthusiatic shooting sports promoter and trapshooter, I love to see that people do take a large interest in shooting. Being the captain of the ATA All-American team four years in a row, I have seen a heck of a lot of peoples attitudes and some of the benefits and downfalls of shooting sports and their oganizations. The site is really great and I personally want to thank the people that created it!! "
- Brian J. Whitmer, Fremont Nebraska

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